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Server rules

Players are not allowed to:

1. Use Cheat Software. (When a ban is detected for a week, the second time forever)
2. Use in the process of communication offensive words.(Punishment: mute for 30 minutes)
3. Insult other players in any way. Do not be rude to each other. (Punishment: mute for 30 minutes)
4. Use nicknames containing obscene expressions, as well as insulting players. (Punishment: kick 2-3 times, if not clear, ban for 1 hour).
5. Spam in the chat \ voice commands, text, numbers, servers, sites. (Punishment: GAG \ Mute (mute-chat) 30 minutes, for the continuation of spam 1 day mute)
6. Advertising of any products, goods, sites, etc. (Punishment: Mute or Gag for 1 day)
7. A block of doors, platforms, elevators is punishable by Kick, for a particularly unintelligible ban for 1 hour and then for 1 day
8. It is forbidden to sit in the field of teleport because in the place where the teleport leads people can turn gray. (Punishment: Kick)
9. It is forbidden to be a friendly zombie, (Punishment: kick, if it will continue like this often, ban for 1-3 hours)
10. Banihop / wheeling, etc. is prohibited on the server. (Punishment: kick if it’s not clear then banned for 1 hour)
11. Intentionally destroying the hiding place other players (Kick, if stupid and did not understand, ban for 30 minutes)
12. Intentionally breaking other people's props (boxes, barrels, dryers, refrigerators, etc.) - This rule applies to players from one team (a zombie breaks a prop to another zombie, a person breaks a prop\hiden place, another person), a person can break a zombie props. (Punishment: Warn if kick is not clear, if everything is bad, ban for 30 minutes)
13. It is forbidden to sit on the textures \ under the map, if there is no opportunity to get there. (Punishment: kick)
14. It is forbidden to reconnect to the server before the infection / murder. (Punishment: Ban for 30 minutes)
15. It is forbidden to leave the server when you are 1 zombie. (Punishment: Ban for 30 minutes).
16. It is forbidden to insult admins! If there are complaints, leave a complaint on the forum, in the VK group or in the Steam group. By rudeness you will not achieve anything
17. It is forbidden to push other people's prop, preventing the player from climbing anywhere. Example: 1) a survivor tries to climb a prop to a high place; 2) the zombie is trying to get the survivor with the help of prop. Dropped / moved to another place. (Punishment: Warn. Kick if dont understand.If everything is completely bad, ban for 30 minutes)

VIP Players Forbidden

1. Climb textures, climb out of the map. (Punishment: kick, then ban for 30 minutes).
2. Stay the last survivor in places at high altitude \ texture. (Punishment: kick, then ban for 30 minutes).
3. VIP players are NOT allowed to solo-escaping map, you must wait for other players !!! (Punishment: Kick further ban for 30 minutes)

Rules for hiding place :

1.In pipes or tunnels not more 2 a man.
2.In small spaces by type of glass cubes no more than 4 people.
3.If the map is quite a little stash and online large, number of players can grow in hidden, pipes and tunnels are not concerned.
4.In large rooms where a fairly simple entrance or 2 entrances, the number of people is not limited.
5.Stash in which you can get by means of the teleport, secret entrance, hidden entrance, etc. the number of people not limited, except for the absolute no possibility to get inside.

Rules of conduct in the game players:

1.Do not close the gate on ZE maps in front of people who run after you, and at the same time next to them there are no zombies.
2.Do not press the buttons on the ZE cards ahead of time (wait for the rest of the survivors)
3.Not take Special. weapons that are on the ZE cards, if you do not know how to use it.
4.On some maps in ze mode, the LAST person closes the door\gate !
5.Infect all players, if there are your friends on the server, do not go to them, even if you know how to get there, but to avoid punishment.
6.Be polite, rudeness never helped anyone.

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